I constantly amaze myself at how little I know about life, about God, about why I am here and how to leave behind something that is worth anything to anyone. Almost every day that goes by, I get discouraged when I think of the legacy I am (not) leaving behind. Having no kids, great wealth, book or scientific discovery to call my own, it is hard to fathom how I have made any kind of impact at all.

Despite all of this, I am not discouraged… yet. Because I know He lives, He loves, and He is still working in me and even through me. If it seems like I have given up, I have far from done that. All the previous years I have been on earth are contributing to the remaining time I will spend on this side.

The intent of this blog is to capture thoughts, observations & experiences through this spiritual journey of mine. I have not set any goal except to know Him better, and capture certain steps in my growth on here.

Going forward, I want God Himself to be part of my every day life, to inspire me and to guide me always. It is for Him alone that I am putting this together. He deserves ALL the glory… He has done SO MUCH for me!